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 Server & Forum Rules

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Server & Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: Server & Forum Rules   Server & Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2020 4:42 am

ReunionKO Official Rules:

1.   Using offensive language in game or forum will result in a mute/ban.
First & second offenses: Mute
Third offense: Ban for 24/48/72 hours
2.   KSing mobs is allowed. However, luring mobs to harm other players will result
in a warning as first time then a punishment will be decided.
3.   Advertising other servers or posting third party websites will get you
4.   False reports can get you BANNED.
5.   Impersonating Staff Members will result in a permanent BAN.
6.   Abusing bugs and NOT reporting them will get you BANNED.
7.   NPT will get you banned.
First offense: Reduce NP to 1000 and 3 days ban
Second offense: Reduce NP to 1000 and 7 days ban
Third offense: Permanent ban
8.   3rd party tools (hacks, bots, etc) are NOT allowed and will result in a
permanent BAN.
9. Using inappropriate clan name / symbols will lead to disbanding your clan.
10. Using macros such as a gaming mouse/keyboard that has a macro
software(Razer, Logitech, etc) is ALLOWED.
    - We can not control what kind of devices players purchase nor stop them, so
if you're complaining about this, you could simply buy yourself a similar
11. GM’s have the final word.
12. Respect all players and GM’s
13. For any questions about the game, contact an Admin or GM’s.
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Server & Forum Rules
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